Everything Starts

09 November 2007 - Feud in Session

Well we've just uploaded the second session, three live tracks from the excellent (and incredibly polite) chaps Feud see the downloads below to download it.

This one is a bit longer than the first at nearly 50 minutes, we've packed in a bit more music and more meaty interview goodness.

As well as Feud's live set we played songs by Outcry Fire, Rome Burns, The Furze and SonVer.

You can see photos from the session here.

Next session will be Earth Loop Recall and we've also been talking to Devilish Presley, SonVer, History Of Guns, DeathBoy, Reincarnationfish, Xykogen, The Resonance Association, Raelism, The Furze, Kill The Baddies oh and a bucketload of others.

Download the Feud session.

16 October 2007 - Hello!

Everything Starts is the new project from Line Out Records and Denmark Studios Maidenhead. Once or twice a month Ash and Bob invite a band into the studio, record a live session with them. Add some chat, music news, interviews and a bit more music then put it out on the net for free.

So far we've recorded a session with Dave Ody (see below to download it), and we have Feud coming in on Saturday, expect the second show to be up by the middle of next week.

If you want to come and play, or just want to get in touch drop Bob a line at bob@lineoutrecords.com.

We're still working on the website, shortly there will be a mailing list, podcast, list of upcoming shows and all the other bits you would expect.


Feud in Session - 20 October 2007

Dave Ody in Session - 16 September 2007